Clevedon Residential Subdivision

Residential Subdivision


Southside in conjunction with a JV partner have plans to carry out a residential and commercial subdivision, to be known as Glencairn. Timing is dependent on the establishment of sewerage and potable water. Hopefully this can be established with sections and commercial redevelopment opportunities available by late 2018.

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Change is coming to Clevedon. The new Village Structure Plan is now Operative and Clevedon will soon be subject to the subdivision and development provided for by Plan Change 32.  This development has the potential to dramatically alter the community spirit, character and environment of Clevedon.
Hence the evolution of Clevedon Conversations- the Clevedon Business Association’s Design and Planning Subcommittee.
The team led by locals Jane Masters, a planner, and Nicki Henshaw, a landscape architect undertook a program of local engagement leading to over 1300 ideas from the community.

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 'Development planning underway; our first Pre App meeting with Council officers'