what we do


Southside invests in property opportunities which have specific identified reasons to grow in value through development and hands-on management.

Property can be a complicated business but our experience enables us to successfully coordinate all facets of a project from start to finish. Southside work with best in class property professionals, we have astute financial management and well tuned risk management skills. 

In managing investments, we tend to ‘love our buildings’ and take a hands on approach with facilities management and tenant management. Our investment timeframe tends to be medium to long term which ensures we take the time to do things right and maximise additional value. We manage our own properties, and we also manage properties that are owned in conjunction with, or in full by clients.

In looking for development opportunities, we seek out unique characteristics that set the property apart from the competition, not simply a project that ‘stacks up on paper.’ In doing so we minimize the chance of a compromised development, and maximize the likelihood of our end owners being satisfied in the long term.


joint ventures


Southside work with high net worth individuals and corporates as Joint Venture (JV) partners and we can demonstrate many successful projects.

Our JV partners generally participate at equity and directorship level, leaving Southside to do the hands on day-to day work. JVs enable Southside to manage bigger investments and projects that are larger in scale while also spreading the company’s risk.

If you’re interested in a JV opportunity, please contact Chris Jones or Cary Bowkett